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LG Stylo 5 Plus Screen Protector, Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Description
  • 0.3mm thick premium-grade tempered glass screen protector provides maximum image clarity and ultimate touch screen sensitivity.
  • 9H hardness scratch-resistant surface provides high resistance to shock, impact and damages from sharp objects.
  • Polished, rounded-edge design offers a smooth feel to the perimeter while providing ultimate impact protection to the screen.
  • Shatterproof technology keeps the user and phone safe from scratches and damages if broken.
  • Oleophobic coating prevents excessive fingerprints and oil stains from contaminating the surface, making it easy to clean.
  • Simple application adhesive allows bubble-free installation that is perfectly flat and spotless every time.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales are FINAL. No returns or exchanges on -LCDSCPR90 items.

Brand : MyBat
UPC : 885126589468
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Customer Reviews
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Skeptical at first, but a believer now: this is a good product. Easy to install, affordable and arrived in two days. Durable and scratch-resistant, provides adequate protection of an expensive phone. Occasionally, might interfere with touch screen functions. Still, a must-have for phones without built in screen protection.

Review by: Masoud S
Date: 04/20/2021

One word amazing, recommend! Easy to install aswell with all tools supplied and instructions

Review by: Yvonne G
Date: 03/04/2021

I have dropped my phone easily seven times without a case on and only the screen protector tempered glass and my phone isn't wrecked . Great investment to prevent expenses from occurring.

Review by: Quintina C
Date: 03/01/2021

Fits perfect and every thing you need to install comes in packaging It wont crack as easy and even seems very hard to scratch. Top notch product

Review by: Albert M
Date: 02/24/2021

the glasses are spectacular and are perfect on the tablet and phone. the applicator is something fantastic because it is perfectly installed, I draw on my ipad and the sensitivity is great. recommended !!! and the best thing is that it is too cheap for the installation kit that it brings

Review by: Joeletta A
Date: 02/06/2021

Nothing much more to say that this is a good basic screen protector. I dropped my phone and there is a slight crack but my phone is still fine.

Review by: Silje A
Date: 12/05/2020

Great tempered glass screen protectors, very thin but also protective. Feels super smooth!

Review by: Lakisha Kizer
Date: 11/26/2020

I really liked being able to buy these protectors for a relatively small amount of money. The tempered glass protection is appreciated.

Review by: Albert B
Date: 11/12/2020

Ordered this for my wife...it comes with 3 screen protectors...the 1st one I put on was defective, took that one off and placed the 2nd one and that was the bullseye...I have one left for any other accidents...definitely well worth the money...can't complain...comes with all the nick knacks that you need to put it on...recommend to anyone...

Review by: Dagfinn V
Date: 10/10/2020

It was so easy to install and everything fits perfect with my new case.

Review by: Nicholaj T
Date: 07/29/2020

I buy these cause they are a good price and the work great to protect the screen, I have dropped my phone a couple times and its always the protecter that cracks and my actual screen is fine.

Review by: Tony K
Date: 07/15/2020

Shipped fast, does as it should, I've had tempered glass protectors break within a few days. So far has this has not broken

Review by: Victor P
Date: 06/25/2020

I LOVE this product! It keeps my iPhone super safe. This is my second time buying these and it's one of the best decisions I've ever done, they do protect and super easy to install.

Review by: Yosep L
Date: 06/02/2020

Easy to do, they give you wipes to clean & dry before putting on. It smoothly fell into place without air bubbles.

Review by: Vinh H
Date: 06/02/2020

Fast shipping. Easy to install with wet and dry wipes and dust sticker included. Sticks straight to screen with no bubbles. Only complaint is that it seems slightly too small for my iPhone 11. Maybe 1/8 inch gap all around. I guess this area is not going to get scratched especially with a case on...

Review by: Asghar K
Date: 05/21/2020

The tempered glass was packaged properly with in the box. I'm happy with what I got

Review by: Alexander C
Date: 03/19/2020

I have a baby and he likes to chuck my phone so I need all the protection I can get. This completely saved my phone's screen and if the tempered glass cracked I would just put a new one

Review by: Rebecca K
Date: 03/17/2020

Excellent quality and very sensitive glass, I'm extremely happy

Review by: Roswin G
Date: 03/13/2020

Just ordered my second set of these. My phone fell face down on jagged rocks while hiking and completely shattered the screen protector but my phone was perfectly fine!! They work wonderful and can't recommend them enough.

Review by: Shaun F
Date: 02/24/2020

work great, I drop my phone all the time and the glass has a few cracks now but still protects. easy to install

Review by: Nallely T
Date: 02/17/2020

Received very quickly and came with everything needed to apply the tempered glass with ease

Review by: Helge I
Date: 01/13/2020

Fast shipping, easy to install, and well made tempered glass screen protector.

Review by: Harpreet K
Date: 01/08/2020

The item arrives in time. The package includes detailed installation guide, which is very helpful. Putting it on the phone is easy. The only thing is that if it includes a scraper to smooth out any bubbles then it is ideal.

Review by: Oscar A
Date: 01/06/2020

Great product installation easy I purchased the wrong item. I needed the privacy screen.

Review by: Francois B
Date: 12/05/2019

As usual this protector does exactly what it's supposed to!

Review by: Sylvan O
Date: 09/15/2019

Great value for the price. Fits well and keeps the slim design. Have had it for a couple of weeks so far and I like it a lot.

Review by: Charlen K
Date: 08/24/2019

First time using it on my new iPhone XR and following the directions was easy to apply! Great product price and quick delivery! Yes I would use it again and in fact got the 3 pack just Incase I messed up the first time, but didn't! Happy customer.

Review by: Charlie T
Date: 05/10/2019

Very easy to install with included instructions. Cleaning wipe eliminates dust getting caught underneath the glass. Looks great!

Review by: Kristian S
Date: 01/15/2019

Simple yet effective.

Review by: Hank
Date: 05/27/2018

It arrived in perfect condition, and it was easy to put on my phone. Its lasted me a couple of months so far.

Review by: Customer
Date: 06/25/2017

I love that they provided all the materials I needed to prepare my phone. No Bubbles at all.

Review by: Heather
Date: 03/08/2017

The phone is so beautiful I did not want to put it a bulky Otter box enclosure or other protectors. I hope I never have to test it for it's endurance.

Review by: Jessica
Date: 01/11/2017

Easy to install, works great, no fingerprints or bubbles. All good!

Review by: Jim
Date: 07/20/2016

I have used many different screen protectors over the years but these Mybat screens have been great. Price is very fair and qualiy is great. Good Buy!

Review by: July
Date: 10/13/2015

This has been a great screen protector.

Review by: Anonymous
Date: 02/12/2014