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HTC  »  HTC Droid Incredible 2 6350  »  Seidio HTC Incredible 2 SURFACE™ Holster

Seidio HTC Incredible 2 SURFACE™ Holster

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The durable spring clip on Seidio's Innocase Lock Holster holds your device securely in place, and then lifts for quick access. Both the felt liner and the face-in design protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements, and the optional locking mechanism ensures that your device will stay in place. This holster can be worn in any one of seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical.

• Unique spring clip lifts for quick access and easy removal
• Optional locking mechanism to hold your device securely in place
• Adjustable swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles
• Felt liner and face-in design protect your phone from outside elements
• Easy access to connectors and function keys
• Designed specifically for Seidio SURFACE™

Package Contents:
• Seidio HTC Incredible 2 SURFACE™ Holster

** This holster is designed for use exclusively with Seidio SURFACE™. Seidio does not cannot guarantee fit with other manufacturer's products, and it will not fit a "naked" device.