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Misc Items  »  Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags

Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags

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Samsung TecTiles are smart NFC tags that can be programmed to do many different things. Using the free Samsung TecTile application, you can create TecTiles to change settings on your phone, launch applications, check-in to places, update social status, or even make phone calls or send text messages automatically. Once you create a TecTile using the TecTile app, place the Tile in a convenient place, then tap your phone to the TecTile to perform the action stored in the TecTile. Each package comes with 5 TecTile programmable NFC sticker tags.

TecTiles can be programmed for multiple use cases. Below is the list of features that TecTiles can be programmed for:

• Change Phone Settings
• Launch an App
• Join a WiFi Network
• Show a Message
• Make a Call
• Send a Text Message
• Share a Contact
• Start a Google Talk Conversation
• Show an Address or Location
• Foursquare Check In
• Facebook Places Check In
• Open a Web Page
• Update Facebook Status
• Facebook Like
• Tweet a Status
• Follow a Twitter User
• Connect on LinkedIn

Package Contents:
• (5) Samsung TecTile Programmable NFC Tags