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Power Micro  »  Cellet 5Watt (1Amp) Black/White CUBE Micro USB Home Travel Charger

Cellet 5Watt (1Amp) Black/White CUBE Micro USB Home Travel Charger

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Pushing 1Amp of battery power to your power hungry device, they will completely charge within 4-6 hours, making it the perfect travel companion. It can also be used as a primary power source when battery is low. Equipped with a 5 foot cord with a Velcro strap and folding blades, it is easy to store.

Simply plug in the travel charger to an AC outlet & connect the unit to your cell-phone via
attached cable


- Saves your battery power while rapidly charging the battery.
- Velcro helps you keep the cord organized in place.
- Light weight

Packaging: Clear Box Package
Packaging may change without notice.