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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Screen Protector, Full Glue Glass 0.33mm 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Product Description
Zizo's Full Glue Tempered Glass Screen Protectors offer the best protection for your device. The iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Full Glue Glass Screen Protector features 9H hardness to withstand all bumps shocks and drops. A 0.33 mm thick glass keeps your iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus scratch resistant without interfering with the sensitivity of your touch screen. Install your screen protector like a pro with an application frame included with every purchase. At Zizo, we believe in our products. which is why we will back them all with a 12-Month manufacturer warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. This screen protector is compatible with iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.
Brand : Zizo
UPC : 888488212074
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Customer Reviews
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I don't let my kids take their devises unless they have one of these covers on it to protect them from drops and scratches.

Review by: Lazaro R
Date: 03/17/2021

One word amazing, recommend! Easy to install aswell with all tools supplied and instructions

Review by: Yvonne G
Date: 03/04/2021

I have dropped my phone easily seven times without a case on and only the screen protector tempered glass and my phone isn't wrecked . Great investment to prevent expenses from occurring.

Review by: Quintina C
Date: 03/01/2021

Fits perfect and every thing you need to install comes in packaging It wont crack as easy and even seems very hard to scratch. Top notch product

Review by: Albert M
Date: 02/24/2021

Cheap, effective and bubble-free. The bubbles came out so easily. I recommend!

Review by: Holly M
Date: 12/18/2020

Love spent 20 on one and it was horrible lasted two days bubbles all over started peeling back by itself Googled protectors these popped up. Found on this siteand saw 3 for that price. And I love it. Easy application took me 3 mins. And works great

Review by: Steven D
Date: 12/06/2020

Nothing much more to say that this is a good basic screen protector. I dropped my phone and there is a slight crack but my phone is still fine.

Review by: Silje A
Date: 12/05/2020

Great tempered glass screen protectors, very thin but also protective. Feels super smooth!

Review by: Lakisha Kizer
Date: 11/26/2020

I really liked being able to buy these protectors for a relatively small amount of money. The tempered glass protection is appreciated.

Review by: Albert B
Date: 11/12/2020

No issues with this, worked just as it should. No bubbles, don't even notice it is there. It cracked when I dropped it, as it should, but the phone's actual glass underneath was unscathed! Lasted me 8 months or so and I drop my phone alllllllll the time!

Review by: Kymberley G
Date: 09/03/2020

poor quality weak magnet bad customer service

Review by: Flanker
Date: 08/31/2020

This has save my phone so many times, I can't count them. It works perfectly! I have ordered them over and over and always keep extra ones put away. Thanks for a great product, quick shipping and great price!

Review by: Doug T
Date: 08/26/2020

These are just great. Great deal & withstands my toddler biting & dropping my phone. Definitely recommend!

Review by: Heather N
Date: 08/17/2020

It was so easy to install and everything fits perfect with my new case.

Review by: Nicholaj T
Date: 07/29/2020

Shipped fast, does as it should, I've had tempered glass protectors break within a few days. So far has this has not broken

Review by: Victor P
Date: 06/25/2020

The tempered glass was packaged properly with in the box. I'm happy with what I got

Review by: Alexander C
Date: 03/19/2020

I have a baby and he likes to chuck my phone so I need all the protection I can get. This completely saved my phone's screen and if the tempered glass cracked I would just put a new one

Review by: Rebecca K
Date: 03/17/2020

Excellent quality and very sensitive glass, I'm extremely happy

Review by: Roswin G
Date: 03/13/2020

These have saved my screen from what could've been a really bad cracked screen!

Review by: Brian K
Date: 02/22/2020

work great, I drop my phone all the time and the glass has a few cracks now but still protects. easy to install

Review by: Nallely T
Date: 02/17/2020

I think this is the best screen protector I have ever had. It does not interfere with using my phone and has protected it when my phone was dropped several times.

Review by: Gaby R
Date: 02/13/2020

Received very quickly and came with everything needed to apply the tempered glass with ease

Review by: Helge I
Date: 01/13/2020

Fast shipping, easy to install, and well made tempered glass screen protector.

Review by: Harpreet K
Date: 01/08/2020

10/10 would recommend. Great price point. Comes with 3 screen protectors. Clear directions, easy to install. Fits perfectly on iPhone 11

Review by: Charles A
Date: 11/11/2019

As usual this protector does exactly what it's supposed to!

Review by: Sylvan O
Date: 09/15/2019

I can't answer as far as glare or scratch resistant. I just installed it. I have put several other brands on the past and they somehow got screwed up either finger prints, dust , bubbles, scratched or misaligned and I'm sure 90% all my fault. This one went on very easy with only one speck of dust, no fingerprints or scratches while installing it. It appears to be very sturdy and I really can't tell that it's on the phone. So I believe this will be a top notch protector.

Review by: Safwan F
Date: 09/10/2019

Great value for the price. Fits well and keeps the slim design. Have had it for a couple of weeks so far and I like it a lot.

Review by: Charlen K
Date: 08/24/2019

Putting these things on has gotten a lot easier since the last time I had to do this with my iPhone 6! It doesn't cover the entire front of the phone (because the edges are curved) but, if placed correctly, covers 100% of the LCD. And 3 for under $10! Not bad at all.

Review by: Adair P
Date: 07/04/2019

Quality was acceptional for the price. Delivered quick

Review by: Ryan
Date: 02/21/2019

Delivered quick in a sturdy thick packaging with no issues there. Screen protector was easy to put on with simple instructions.

Review by: Dee
Date: 10/07/2017

I had purchased the same brand for my S9 plus and loved it so much i got this one for my oldest child that is always messing up her screen protectors. Was super easy to put on and no bubbles at all. These are very durable and can take alot of abuse.

Review by: Blueskys
Date: 09/07/2017

I bought it for my wife's phone. My son use her phone all the time. There are times when he has some sharp object like a pen, a fork or a butter knife and I'm scared he going to scratch the screen. No I'm feeling safe. I will just expecting screen protector. I did not expect two protectors, screen cleaning liquid and cloth and the thing to take the bubbles off. Thank you

Review by: Praveen
Date: 01/19/2016