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Samsung  »  Samsung Galaxy Note 5  »  Evutec Karbon SI Lorica Case Cover For Note 5 - Red/Orange

Evutec Karbon SI Lorica Case Cover For Note 5 - Red/Orange

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Named for the incredibly flexible and strong iron riveted armor used by soldiers of the Roman Empire, the Karbon SI Loricafuses a soft, shock-resistant TPU lining to a protective, wovenDupont? Kevlar® outer shell. The result is an eye-catching red and orange striped one-piece case that provides the same durable protection as our SP series, while shedding 20% of its thickness, measuring just 1.5mm in thickness. Each Karbon SI Lorica case is treated and polished with our specially formulated, five-layer Evutouch® Coating for exceptional scratch-resistance. The Evutouch® easy-to-grip tactile feel will prevent your smartphone from slipping out of your hands or sliding off of smooth surfaces.