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Apple iPhone SE 2020 Screen Protector, Black Edged Tempered Glass

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Product Description
Brand : HR Wireless
Model No. : EGCTEM-ip8-BK
UPC : 703556654009
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Customer Reviews
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i'd say overall this is very well-made. For the money you pay, it's good. If it was a few dollars higher, I'd say it would not be worth it. Only reason why is because it is pretty difficult to get on, and the bubbles show up literally no matter what! If you can deal with that, then it's right for you.

Review by: Chee F
Date: 05/14/2021

I like these. They work very well. Good protection. I like that there are multiple in a pack.

Review by: Tree M
Date: 04/19/2021

One word amazing, recommend! Easy to install aswell with all tools supplied and instructions

Review by: Yvonne G
Date: 03/04/2021

I have dropped my phone easily seven times without a case on and only the screen protector tempered glass and my phone isn't wrecked . Great investment to prevent expenses from occurring.

Review by: Quintina C
Date: 03/01/2021

Fits perfect and every thing you need to install comes in packaging It wont crack as easy and even seems very hard to scratch. Top notch product

Review by: Albert M
Date: 02/24/2021

Quality product and easy to install. Everything you need to clean the screen and prep for new protector is included. This is my second purchase, got one for my iPad and works great.

Review by: Samuel P
Date: 02/14/2021

Nice screen protection and easy to install. Take your time and use the added alignment strips to help center the protector without touching it.

Review by: Corey W
Date: 01/05/2021

Not horrible, easy to install. Scratched within the first couple of weeks. But it did save my screen.

Review by: Brandon N
Date: 12/07/2020

Nothing much more to say that this is a good basic screen protector. I dropped my phone and there is a slight crack but my phone is still fine.

Review by: Silje A
Date: 12/05/2020

Great tempered glass screen protectors, very thin but also protective. Feels super smooth!

Review by: Lakisha Kizer
Date: 11/26/2020

I really liked being able to buy these protectors for a relatively small amount of money. The tempered glass protection is appreciated.

Review by: Albert B
Date: 11/12/2020

It was so easy to install and everything fits perfect with my new case.

Review by: Nicholaj T
Date: 07/29/2020

Shipped fast, does as it should, I've had tempered glass protectors break within a few days. So far has this has not broken

Review by: Victor P
Date: 06/25/2020

The screen protector fit perfectly and sealed down easily with very little effort

Review by: Adam T
Date: 06/09/2020

So I've had my keys with my phone in a pocket and it saved my screen. I do love the added protection of this being on my phone just in case something were to happen to it.

Review by: Rock O
Date: 04/07/2020

The tempered glass was packaged properly with in the box. I'm happy with what I got

Review by: Alexander C
Date: 03/19/2020

I have a baby and he likes to chuck my phone so I need all the protection I can get. This completely saved my phone's screen and if the tempered glass cracked I would just put a new one

Review by: Rebecca K
Date: 03/17/2020

Excellent quality and very sensitive glass, I'm extremely happy

Review by: Roswin G
Date: 03/13/2020

I love these screen protectors, they are easy install, and gives you a great protection. You can clearly see your screen too.

Review by: Cherie G
Date: 03/03/2020

work great, I drop my phone all the time and the glass has a few cracks now but still protects. easy to install

Review by: Nallely T
Date: 02/17/2020

Great screen protectors for the iPhone XR to iPhone 11 style screens. Easy to apply and clear only when around the edges do I realize I still have it on my screen.

Review by: Allison B
Date: 02/03/2020

It is good but the installation is not fun at all and never will be. That's the only con to this set of protectors, the installation. No matter what I try I always get some kind of crap under the screen protector during installation. It drives me crazy!

Review by: Jenny V
Date: 01/25/2020

I've not had the screen protector on for too long but it was very easy to install and there is no glare. I've even dropped my phone from some questionable heights and no damage was sustained! I would most definitely buy again.

Review by: Rhonda P
Date: 01/20/2020

Received this very quickly and found it so easy to install. Plus, it seems to work pretty good!

Review by: Tuan C
Date: 01/18/2020

Received very quickly and came with everything needed to apply the tempered glass with ease

Review by: Helge I
Date: 01/13/2020

Fast shipping, easy to install, and well made tempered glass screen protector.

Review by: Harpreet K
Date: 01/08/2020

Very sturdy and protect my I phone 11 very well. I'm Happy with my purchase.

Review by: Simon T
Date: 01/03/2020

Easy to install. No Scratches at all. its a really good screen protector.

Review by: Xiaohai J
Date: 11/15/2019

As usual this protector does exactly what it's supposed to!

Review by: Sylvan O
Date: 09/15/2019

The packaging was good. A little tricky to install and centre it o the screen. Will update on durability and other features as time goes on. UPDATE: so this screen protector keeps the finger marks a bit too much for my liking. It's been about 2 months and have had no cracks or anything just the smudging.

Review by: Vivian H
Date: 09/13/2019

It came sooner than expected.Cleaned the screen using the tools included in the package. Went on smoothly,sticking well to the screen and no air bubbles showing. Perfect.

Review by: Sewa M
Date: 08/30/2019

Great value for the price. Fits well and keeps the slim design. Have had it for a couple of weeks so far and I like it a lot.

Review by: Charlen K
Date: 08/24/2019