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Apple iPhone 8 Case Cover [Caseology] [Vault Series] - Black

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Product Description

The redesigned Vault case has a new & improved minimalist armor look while offering the same great advanced protection.

Thin Profile

  • Single-piece: TPU + polycarbonate
  • Slim, lightweight build

Comfortable Grip

  • Laser etched cover
  • Slim, lightweight profile
  • Smudge-proof & anti-slip

Drop Protection

  • Corner cushion design
  • Raised front lip & camera
  • Light protection, just in case
Brand : Caseology
UPC : 814581027857
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Customer Reviews
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I have used a large number of TPU cases from other manufacturers, and I've not yet found one that I like as much as this one.

Review by: Jake
Date: 02/08/2019

I've only had this case for a weekend, but it's so far an excellent case. Came in simple packaging, easy to apply and remove from the pixel 3. I instantly felt better about carrying my new phone around once this thing was on. All the openings for buttons, ports,, and lenses are perfectly aligned with the phone. The case is slightly textured, which makes it easy to grip and nice to look at.

Review by: Jackson
Date: 02/28/2017

The grip on the back is nicer than anticipated while the thickness is a little thinner than imagined. I haven't gotten much time with the case yet, but so far it feels really nice in the hand.

Review by: Love
Date: 04/10/2016

A unique grippy surface, but feels thicker in the hand. It is certainly not ultra thin, or even "thin" by my standards, but it's a great case nonetheless. Very protective, it's perfect for a non-minimalist use case. Great for an older person, or someone who keeps the phone in their purse or jacket pocket; NOT for someone who keeps it in the front pocket of their skinny jeans.

Review by: Customer
Date: 03/18/2016

This case is about a millimeter thicker than your typical slim TPU case all around. However, it is thinner than the majority of two-layer cases. I think Caseology could have stood to shave some thickness from the back. On the flipside, It feels very sturdy on the phone - hard to flex, more like a polycarbonate case in the way it keeps its shape.

Review by: Lauren
Date: 11/27/2015

This Vault case is quite a bit different from the older Parallax case despite them both being TPU cases. Instead of a smooth, slightly rubberized finish, they went with a bumpy non-slip finish. When I first held it I was actually surprised by the feel, but it grew on me quickly.

Review by: Bertha
Date: 10/02/2014