When you think of a cell phone case, the image of a hard or soft plastic case may come to mind. Plastic is by far the most popular type of cell phone case material, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for a new cell phone case, you may want to explore other materials, especially leather.

Different Types of Leather

There are three types of leather that are typically used to create cell phone cases, including aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented leather. Aniline leather is manufactured using soluble dyes. The finished product will have the same texture as the animal’s natural skin with visible lines and pores. Semi-aniline leather is similar to aniline leather with one exception. Semi-aniline is coated with a layer of insoluble pigments, whereas aniline leather is not. Because of this coating, semi-aniline does not look as natural as aniline, but it is more durable.

Finally, there is pigmented leather, which is coated with pigmented resin after being dyed. Pigmented leather does not look nearly as natural as the other two types of leather, however it is the most durable of the three.

Now that you know the different types of leather, take a look at these pros and cons to determine if a leather cell phone case is right for you:

Pro: Other Features

The majority of cell phone wallets and cell phone purses are made out of leather, so these cases will have extra features that are not found on plastic cases. A cell phone wallet is an accessory that has space to hold your cell phone, credit cards, driver’s license, and cash, just like a regular wallet. A cell phone purse is similar to a cell phone wallet, with one exception. If you have a cell phone wallet, you will have to hold it in your hand or put it in your bag, but a cell phone purse has a convenient strap that allows you to wear it on your shoulder.

Con: Protection

Cell phone cases are often seen as a fashion accessory, but the actual purpose of these products is to protect your phone from damage. Plastic cases offer a great deal of protection and may prevent damage in the event that you drop your phone. However, the same cannot be said of leather. A phone case made out of leather will offer little to no protection, so you shouldn’t rely on this type of case if you are trying to prevent scratches, cracks, and other damage.

Pro: Durability

Leather may not offer the same protection as plastic, but it is a durable material that will withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. This is especially true of high-end leather, which tends to last longer than inexpensive leather. This material will eventually start to show its age, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, some people like the look of distressed, aged leather better than the look of new leather.

Con: More Expensive

Leather costs more than plastic and silicone, so a cell phone case that is made out of leather will probably be more expensive than those made out of other materials. If you are trying to stick to a tight budget, a leather cell phone case may not be the best option for you.

Pro: Appearance

Leather cell phone cases tend to look sleeker and more sophisticated than plastic cases. If fashion is more important to you than function, you may want to consider looking at leather cases. This is also a great choice for business professionals who don’t want to carry a flashy plastic cell phone case with them to work. If you spend a lot of time in front of clients, a leather cell phone case will help you make a good first impression.

Con: Selection

There are thousands of different cell phone cases available for purchase online and in stores across the country. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these cell phone cases are made out of plastic and silicone. It’s not hard to find leather cases, but it is hard to find leather cases that are colorful or have a fun design. Plastic cases are sold in every color of the rainbow, and often feature graphics, rhinestones, and other embellishments. But, leather cases are primarily solid colors, mainly black and brown. You can find leather cases in fun colors such as pink, green, and purple, but it’s very difficult to find a leather case with designs or embellishments.

Pro: Easy to Clean

If you’ve ever had a plastic cell phone case, you may have noticed how easily they attract dirt, dust, and debris. It’s recommended that you take these cases off of your phone every week or every other week so you can wipe them down to prevent dirt or dust from damaging your phone. Luckily, you will rarely ever run into this problem with a leather case. Dirt and dust does not accumulate on a leather cell phone case in the same way that it does on a plastic case. Therefore, you won’t have to clean leather cases as much. If your leather case does happen to get dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Con: Weight

Leather cell phone cases are a bit bulkier than standard soft or hard plastic cases. The difference between the two may not be that noticeable, but if you’re looking for a case that is as thin as possible, it’s recommended you stick to a silicone or hard plastic case.

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