Cell phone cases were created to protect your smartphone from damage, but let’s face it, many people treat their case as a fashion accessory. If you prioritize fashion over function, it may be difficult to find the perfect case since there are hundreds of different options. But, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a list of the most fashionable cell phone cases for your iPhone:

Hearts Full of Flowers Case

There are countless cell phone cases that feature flower designs, but none that are quite as elegant and sophisticated as this Hearts Full of Flowers case. This case has a clean white design with a delicate heart that is made out of small pink flowers in the center. The pink heart creates a striking contrast against the white background that makes this design stand out from across the room. This is the perfect case for someone who loves feminine, romantic designs, but doesn’t want an over-the-top, flashy case.

Chrome Glitter Paris Tower Case

Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so of course any cell phone case that features an image of the Eiffel Tower will be stylish. The Chrome Glitter Paris Tower case uses the Eiffel Towel as a backdrop on this beautiful case. In front of the tower is an unbreakable liquid layer with glitter that floats across the image of the tower when you move the cell phone. The sight of this cell phone case is almost as beautiful as the majestic Eiffel Tower in real life!

Black Crocodile Skin Executive Case

The first two fashionable cases on this list featured fun designs, but this Black Crocodile Skin Executive cell phone case makes the list because of its sleekness and simplicity. Exotic skins are always on-trend in the fashion industry, so this is a timeless design that you will be able to use for years to come. It comes in a few other colors, including brown and red, but black is the chicest choice.

Diamond Motion Moving Letter Case

“It” girls all over the world love wearing jewelry, bags, and other accessories that feature their initials, which is why this Diamond Motion Moving Letter case is so fashionable. Many cell phone cases feature initials, but the glamour of this case is unparalleled. Each of these cases has tiny gemstones that float freely through the back, which are visible through the letter design. This case isn’t just fashionable—it’s functional, too. Each case comes with a front screen protector so every inch of your phone will be completed protected!

Hybrid Brushed Armor Case

This Hybrid Brushed Armor case offers more protection than only stylish cases because of its hybrid design, which means it has a soft plastic interior and a hard plastic exterior. The smooth brushed finish on the back of the case isn’t just sophisticated, it also adds texture that allows you to get a better grip on your phone. This case also comes in gold, rose gold, black, and silver, but there’s something about the charcoal gray color that really turns heads.

Crystal Raindrop Hard Case

This unique Crystal Raindrop hard case features a cool ombré design that fades from a deep to a cool, light shade of blue. But, the most interesting feature on this phone case is not the color, but rather the raindrops that are scattered on the surface. At first glance, it may appear as if this case is wet, but that’s all part of the design. This case also comes in a purple ombré, but the blue is more fitting for the wet look that this case is trying to achieve.

Easy Grip Case

The Easy Grip Case may have been designed to help smartphone owners hold onto their phones, but it’s also an incredibly stylish case. The unique, architectural design of the hard plastic gives this case an art deco vibe. But, most of the case is clear, so you’ll be able to see the color of your phone through it. Keep this in mind when choosing which color you should get. For example, the gray case will work well with a silver phone, and the black would really stand out when paired with a rose gold or gold iPhone.

Black Giraffe Hard Rubberized Case

Animal print never goes out of style. You may gravitate towards leopard print, but step outside of the box and try a new animal print, like the one on this Black Giraffe Hard Rubberized Case. The black and white color scheme downplays the boldness of the print, so some people may not even realize that it’s an animal print. Because black and white are both neutrals, this case will work well with everything in your closet, so you don’t have to worry about your cell phone case clashing with the rest of your outfit.

Diamante Metal Surround Shield

This Diamante Metal Surround Shield case has a transparent back, so the color of your phone will shine through. Because the center of the case is plain, all of your attention will be focused on the glamorous baby blue and gold design that runs along the edges of the phone. As if the baby blue and gold design weren’t breathtaking enough, there are also small rhinestones weaved into the design to give your case a little extra sparkle. This case strikes a perfect balance between glitzy and minimalistic, so it is the perfect case for someone who wants a bit of bling without going overboard.

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