A cell phone case is designed to protect your phone, but many people view cell phone cases as more of a fashion accessory than a functional item. If you want to create a bold statement about your personal style, look for a bright and colorful cell phone case for your iPhone 7. Here are some of our favorite cases that are sure to turn heads:

I Love You & Gold Hearts Quicksand Glitter

Spread your love with this colorful “I love you” cell phone case designed with extra fine glitter and specks of floating hearts and stars. Turn the phone in different directions to watch the shimmery glitter fall at different angles across the “I love you” text. With splashes of green, gold, orange, and red, this colorful cell phone case is sure to catch someone’s eye.

This phone case isn’t just stylish—it offers a significant amount of protection, too. The back cover is a smooth and scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic, while the bumpers are made out of flexible TPU. With this case, your phone should hold up against bumps and drops.

Colorful Splash Soft Rubber Case

This TPU cell phone case features a solid black background with bright and bold colors that are designed to look like paint splashing against a hard surface. This cell phone case is a great choice for kids—not just because of the fun design, but also because the TPU plastic allows you to grip the phone better to prevent accidental drops. Plus, TPU is a flexible plastic so kids can easily take this case on and off if they decide to change cases on a whim.

Sunset Beach Shockproof Case

Do you love watching the sun set in the evenings? Let your mind wander to this peaceful time of day every time you glance down at your phone with this Sunset Beach Shockproof Case. This case is designed with reinforced material around the edges and on the corners to add extra protection in the event that you drop your phone. But, extra protection is just one of the reasons why you’ll fall in love with this case. The purples, reds, oranges, and yellows blend together to create a picturesque sunset that almost looks too perfect to be real!

Rainbow Glitter Motion Case

If you love glitz and glamour, choose a case that is bursting with sparkle, like this Rainbow Glitter Motion Case. Tiny blue, yellow, purple, red, and green hearts move freely within the non-toxic liquid layer of the case. Gold and green flecks of glitter can also be found in this liquid, which makes the case even more dazzling. This case also comes in other variations, however this one is by far the most striking and colorful.

Colorful Tree Dual Protection Case

Proudly display the love that you have for the great outdoors by choosing this Colorful Tree Dual Protection Case. This sleek and lightweight case features an incredible image of a tree with branches stretching into the sky and out to the sides. The brightly colored leaves and exaggerated shapes make this case even more interesting and creative.

Colorful Feathers Design Wallet Case  

This colorful wallet case blends fashion and function like no other cell phone accessory. This item is made out of a high quality PU leather and has all the same features as a regular wallet, including a magnetic closure and slots for your credit cards, money, and driver’s license. Unlike other wallets, it also has a spot inside to hold your phone securely in place. In addition to these features, this case also flips around so it can be used as a kickstand to prop up your phone while you watch your favorite movie.

The brightly colored feathers featured on the outside of this wallet contrast beautifully with the stark white leather. To top it all off, the magnetic closure is adorned with sparkling rhinestones to add a little bling to this design.

Colorful Polka Dot TPU Case

If you’re looking for a simple design that also features bold colors, this Colorful Polka Dot TPU Case is ideal for you. This simplistic case has features colored polka dots against a solid black background that allows the colors to really pop off of the case.

Dog Footprints Case

Take the memory of your four-legged friend with you wherever you go with this Colorful Dog Footprints Case. The back of the case features brightly colored paw prints in all different sizes placed against a solid white background. Because of the protection this case provides, it’s a great choice for kids who aren’t responsible enough to take good care of their phones yet. The outer layer of the case is hard, but the outside border of the phone is reinforced with a soft rubber that absorbs shocks when the phone falls.

Dream Catcher and Gold Stars Quicksand Glitter Case

Dream catchers were originally used by parents in the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe who wanted to protect their sleeping children from having bad dreams. Today, people see the dream catcher as a beautiful symbol of protection and often hang them in their homes. If you believe in the power of the dream catcher, why not take one with you wherever you bring your phone with this Dream Catcher and Gold Stars Glitter Case. The bright colors and faint shimmer of the dream catcher give it a slightly mystical appearance that becomes even more magical when you turn the phone around and watch the gold stars and glitter slowly fall in front of it.

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