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Some pretty unique cell phones debuted in 2015. The Galaxy S6 Edge, with its curved edge showcasing a clock and other handy features, gave people a new idea of how cell phones could look. The iPhone 6S, with new features including moving pictures and 3D Touch, changed the way consumers will use smartphones in the future.

There were also some pretty unique cell phone cases that came out in 2015. We explore five of our favorite cell phone cases to hit the market so far. Do you have any to add?

The case to overcome gravity

People who enjoy watching videos or movies on their phones can prop up their devices with special cell phone cases with built-in kickstands, or set them in stands designed to hold smartphones. But if you’ve ever wanted to stick your cell phone to a wall at eye level, your wish has been granted.

The Anti-Gravity Case, which premiered in 2015, has hundreds of tiny suction cups that help the case attach to hard surfaces like walls, whiteboards, mirrors, wood cabinets and dashboards. Stick your phone up, then pull it back down at your leisure.

Do you want to put your cell phone on a whiteboard so you can refer to it during a presentation at work or school? Stick it to your mirror to Facetime or Skype with your friends while you get ready for a night out? Attach your smartphone to a piece of workout equipment so you can watch the news during your exercise routine? The Anti-Gravity Case may be just what you need.

The Karl Lagerfeld look-alike

Fans of fashion know that Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director for Chanel, head designer for Fendi and owner of his own fashion label. Apparently a model carried a key chain made to resemble Lagerfeld, who sports long silver hair, during a Fendi show in 2014. Orders for the key chain went through the roof. To make the “Karlito,” as it’s known, seem more exclusive, the company that makes them limited sales to 100.

To placate people who weren’t lucky or cool enough to land a “Karlito,” Lagerfeld admirers can now order a Karlito cell phone case. The black case sports a caricature of Lagerfeld, including a shock of white hair protruding from his head and a long grey and black beard covering the bottom one-third of the phone.

These cell phone cases aren’t for everyone. At $600, you have to be a pretty devoted Lagerfeld fan to want one. You also have to own a iPhone 6 to use the case; they aren’t made to fit any other phone. But if you like the idea of having real silver fox and goat fur on a cell phone case, much as you might have on a coat, this could be the case for you.

Cell Phone’s got a gun?

A couple of companies came out with cell phone cases that look like handguns this year. The cell phone snaps into a compartment where the barrel of the gun would normally be. Attached to the barrel area is a realistic-looking gun handle.

I’m sure the manufacturers thought this would be a popular accessory for country’s millions of gun owners. But no big surprise, this product received a lot of bad publicity. People concerned with public safety pointed out that if someone saw the “gun” handle sticking out of someone’s pocket or purse, they might call the police. An officer in a tense situation might misidentify the fake gun as a real one and fire unnecessarily on an unsuspecting victim.

This also doesn’t seem like a very practical accessory. Would you really want to talk on your cell phone with what looked like the butt of a gun hanging from your ear? Or pull out your cell phone to text in a public place? Let’s hope people limit their use of these cases to their homes or skip them altogether.

The power-harvesting case

We’ve written a lot about cell phone cases that also serve as cell phone chargers. To work, these cell phone cases have to be charged just like your phone does.

A company called Nikola Labs came up with an interesting take on this idea. What if a cell phone case could capture the wasted energy for a phone and convert it back to power that charges the phone? Smartphones spend a lot of energy searching for signals and doing other tasks. Nikola’s “harvesting” cell phone case catches that energy and uses it to keep your smartphone running 30% longer.

We should caution that this technology came out in July 2015 and is somewhat untested in the marketplace. But it’s an interesting and powerful idea that could recycle a lot of energy in the future.

A new kind of cell phone wallet

Although cell phone wallets have been around for a while, 2015 saw a growing popularity of the next generation of these specialized cases. The best name I’ve been able to identify for them is a smart fold pouch cell phone wallet.

Your typical cell phone case wallet has a place to securely strap in your cell phone on one side, and a few credit card slots on the other. This works great for going out on Friday night, but no so great if you want your cell phone and your wallet to become one all the time. Many models are flimsy and break if you try to cram extra things into them.

The great thing about these smart fold pouch wallets (at least, this is what my lady friends tell me) is that there’s a built-in pouch for your smartphone as well as a dedicated place for credit cards, cash and other necessities. You don’t have to strap your cell phone in to keep it safe, which means you can pull it out when you want to talk and not have to hold the whole bulky case up to your ear. Many of the pouches are made to hold more gear, so you also don’t have to worry about the whole thing splitting or cracking the first time you try to put some cash in it.

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