The recent social media craze has made it easy to share information with family and friends—but this convenience can come at a price. Many people don’t understand how easily this information can leak out to third parties who can use it for their own purposes. The good news is that courts take these invasions of privacy seriously. Officers were recently investigated for using Quartavious Davis’s cell phone to place him at several crime scenes. On June 11, 2014, the Eleventh US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that doing so is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

A Landmark Decision to Protect Individual Privacy

As long as your phone is turned on, it regularly transmits details of its location to nearby cell towers, even if the phone isn’t in use.… Read More

Smartphones are now so common in the US that even children have them, and for good reason: mobile phones provide an extra layer of safety for everyone carrying them, and smartphones in particular come with useful features that we use every day.

As our lives becoming busier we need technology to help us more and more. Enter the world of wearable tech. Most of this looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, and a lot of it might be. People are starting to open up to the idea of having technology be attached to them 24/7 in order to accomplish everyday tasks.… Read More

Take a minute to remember your very first cell phone. What were some of the features on it? T9 texting? Ability to send SMS or picture messages? Did it have a camera? It’s easy to forget about these older features now that you are the owner of an iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy because these phones are so intuitive, smart, and capable. Predictive texting took much longer and more thought, but now you have a small touchscreen with a keyboard on it. You can probably shoot off lengthy texts within a few seconds.

Smartphone technology grows every day and no one really knows what a smartphone will be capable of in a few, short years.

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