There is a new kid on the block in the world of smart phones: the Samsung Z. Samsung announced the release of the phone, which is the first of its kind to run the Samsung governed Tizen platform, in June 2014. The release generated plenty of buzz for the cellular device, which greatly resembles Samsung’s Android smartphones, although it is less expensive. The phone has garnered attention across the world, even though it will only launch in Russia at first.
  Samsung Galaxy S5
Tizen is an open sourced operating system within the LinuxFoundation and an alternative to Android. According to the company, the new operating system has several key features:

Fast start-up times

  • Ultra power savings mode
  • 3D graphics
  • Multitasking
  • Customizable home screen
  • Multi-colored themes
  • Samsung’s S Health software
  • App store

The Tizen Difference

Because the new phone runs Tizen, it does not have the same apps and features as the Android devices do.

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The Upgraded Look

The Samsung Galaxy S4 had a sleek design that many owners loved, and the manufacturers didn’t want to change too much of the already-good thing. The S5 looks similar to the S4, but it’s a bit longer and a tiny bit thicker. It has a 5.1” HD display and includes vibrant colors and clear images. Screen lighting features automatic adjust if you are in the sun or under harsh lighting. When you go to bed, simply dim the light to optimize visuals in the dark.

The shape stayed the same, as did the keys. It is still plastic, but the back of the phone has small dimples, which give users a better grip.
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