2014’s Google I/O has now come to an end, and we are enjoying all of the new information that is coming out. Many new products were announced and some major plans for the future were made known. While there is not nearly enough time or space here to dive into everything that occurred at this momentous gathering, we have condensed some of the most important information pertaining to three main categories. There were some major plans announced concerning Android, cellphones, and tablets, and we want to share some of those advances with you.


This was one of the main subjects of the entire conference.

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Imagine you’re walking through the mall. You reach to grab something off of a shelf when suddenly, something happens that anyone who pays a monthly smartphone bill dreads: you drop your phone. The beautiful, and expensive phone lands facedown and immediately cracks into cellular oblivion.

This scenario has become all too common in our society of busy, on-the-go people who are often in a rush. A lack of proper protective cases and a rushed society is a recipe for disaster when it comes to smartphones. Enter Google’s Project Ara.

It’s been described by Time Magazine as “wildly ambitious” in nature and by CNN as Google’s “next futuristic hardware project.” The phone, which is designed to not fall apart, is the first modular phone and may revolutionize cell phones worldwide.

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