The iPhone 8 is one of the newest Apple smartphones that was announced just last month. This smartphone will cost you hundreds of dollars, so once it’s yours, make sure that you protect it with a high quality cell phone case. Which cell phone case is the best for your new phone? Here’s a look at some of the most popular cases for the iPhone 8:

Static Dual Layer Hybrid Case With Kickstand

If you’re looking for a case that will offer the highest level of protection for your phone, look no further than the Static Dual Layer Hybrid Case.… Read More

SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - March 31, 2014: Photo of  iPhone 5 wiThe iPhone 5, 5c and 5s were released in 2013. Given that the three models came out at the same time and were part of the same series, you would think that the same cell phone case would fit all of them.

Unfortunately that is not true. While a case for an iPhone 5 will fit on an iPhone 5s, it will not fit the iPhone 5c. We explore why that is, the differences between the phones and what to consider when you are looking for a case for your iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 series

In September 2013 Apple introduced its long-awaited iPhone 5.… Read More

It’s time to stand in the thronging lines again—Apple has just unveiled the new iPhone 6 Plus smartphone. With its sleek, thin design, exceptionally large screen, and long-lasting battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus is taking the industry by storm. Below we list some of the features you can expect from the iPhone 6 Plus.

stock iphone

Enormous Screen Size

Have you ever tried watching Netflix on your smartphone, only to find yourself squinting at the screen? With the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll never have that problem. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts the industry’s largest screen at 5.5 inches. It has a smooth, aluminum and glass surface that looks and feels classy.

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Apple’s New Baby

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting forever for has finally arrived! Apple has a brand new iPhone. Actually, there are two new belle’s of the ball—the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. When it comes to screen size, pixels, and power, more is better. It seems as though everyone has an opinion and information to give about this long-anticipated phone, so with an appropriate drum roll, we present the ultimate guide to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S5


The first computer was huge; in fact, it may have taken up the whole state of Alaska in size.

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The buzz surrounding iOS 8 is contagious. After Apple announced the newest operating system at the annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), much talk and speculation has surrounded the new features, upgrades, and enhancements. While the general setup will remain the same as iOS 7, there are key improvements that have been made to the operating system, which will improve your life without changing your phones’ functionality.

  Samsung Galaxy S5

Photo Syncing

Are you tired of having to sync photos from one device to another? iOS 8 automatically syncs all photos so that you can find your favorite photos in no time. You can also enjoy exciting new photo editing tools to put your best side forward.

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The iPhone 6 is possibly the most anticipated tech device of the year. Oh yes, the infamous new iPhone is surrounded by quite a bit of excitement and quite a bit more speculation. You probably have your own ideas and suspicions concerning Apple’s latest addition to the smartphone family. We have done some research and we are excited to share the suspicions that we have concerning the bundle of joy that is rumored to arrive this year. Now, keep in mind, just like all the other hush-hush deliveries of the 21st century, such as Prince William and Princess Kate’s baby boy and Kanye West’s baby, you never really and truly know all of the details about the newest arrival until the proud parents are ready to share the details.

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