The stylus is often thought of as an outdated, unnecessary accessory for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Many may wonder why people use a stylus when the touch of a finger works just the same. If you’ve ever questioned why styluses have remained popular through all these years, or if you’re considering buying one yourself, learn about the many benefits of this tech accessory:


Have you ever tried to text while wearing a thick pair of mittens or gloves? It’s challenging to get the touchscreen to sense your finger, even if you’re wearing the gloves and mittens designed for smartphone use. A stylus is a great way to avoid the frustration of having to remove your winter weather gear every time you want to send a text or make a phone call. Keep a stylus with you throughout the winter season so you can quickly access your phone without having to remove your gloves and freeze your fingers.

Long Fingernails

Nail trends come and go, but lately, the fashion industry has been set on long, pointy fingernails. These may look stylish, but they impact your ability to tap out a text message, navigate through your phone, or place a phone call. If you don’t want to say goodbye to this nail trend, consider getting a stylus to help you use your phone with ease.

Some ladies can still manage to use their phones with these long nails. This is impressive, but it’s definitely not recommended. Long fingernails can easily scratch the screen, so it’s best to use a stylus instead of tapping your screen with long nails.

Various Uses

Some styluses are designed with a stylus on one end, and an ink pen on the other. This allows you to quickly flip back and forth between using your smartphone or tablet and jotting notes down on a piece of paper. Find one of these styluses if you often have to attend business meetings and take notes on paper while following along with a presentation on your device.

More Precise

Some people, especially men, have larger fingers that are simply not cut out for smartphone use. These people often tap something they weren’t meaning to or make spelling errors as they try to use the tiny keyboard to send a text message or email. If you find that your fingers are too large to easily use a touchscreen device, you should definitely think about using a stylus to help you get the most of your phone. A stylus has a thin tip, so it can help you touch what you need to on your phone regardless of how big your fingers are.

Even if you don’t have large hands, you may find it hard to tap on tiny links or images when browsing on your mobile device. Instead of zooming in to try to make the link larger, just grab a stylus.

Easier For Drawing or Writing

What do you do on your tablet or smartphone? If you’re a student who takes notes on a tablet or an artist who likes to express himself by drawing pictures on a smartphone, a stylus will make it much easier for you to do so. The precision tip of a stylus can help you reach new artistic levels with your creations. It can also allow you to take notes more quickly without straining your hands. If you use your devices for drawing or writing, carry a stylus around with you to make life a little easier.

Keeps the Phone Clean

Your hands are full of bacteria, oil, and dirt that you accumulate as you touch various surfaces throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that the average person’s phone contains numerous types of bacteria, some that are harmless and some that are not. Bacteria usually found on the skin, in respiratory tracts, and in fecal matter can be found on your phone’s screen. Every time you touch your fingers to your phone’s screen, you are transferring some of the bacteria, oil, and dirt directly onto your phone screen. What’s the big deal? Besides texting and scrolling through social media, you also put your phone up to your ear to make calls. This allows the bacteria and oil to transfer from your phone to your face, where it can cause infections, irritation, and acne.

Quicker Response

It’s much easier for a smartphone to detect the tap of a stylus than the touch of a finger, so you may notice that your device is more responsive when you use a stylus. If you find yourself always in a hurry, the few seconds that a stylus can save you will quickly add up.


Styluses aren’t just for people with smartphones and tablets—they can also be used on handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re a gamer, you may want to buy a stylus to make it easier to play your favorite games.

Now that you know the many benefits of using a stylus with your smartphone or tablet, browse through our diverse selection to find the perfect one for devices. Before making a purchase, make sure you find a stylus that will work with your device. Most styluses are universal, meaning they will work with any type of touchscreen device, however there are some that are designed specifically for certain devices. You should also pay attention to the width of the stylus’s tip. If you are buying a stylus to help you tap on small links or draw works of art, choose a slim tip.

Some people are hesitant to buy a stylus because they think they’ll lose it. If you think you’ll have trouble keeping track of a stylus, find one that makes it easier for you to carry around. Some styluses are designed to attach to your smartphone so you never have to remember to bring it with you.

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