Every time that you purchase a new smartphone, you have probably been pressured by the salesperson to also buy a cell phone case to go along with it. This is not just to get you to spend more money in the store—it’s also to ensure that you take good care of your phone. Cell phone cases are the only things that protect your phone if you accidentally drop it against a hard surface. But, how do they work?

How Cell Phone Cases Protect Phones During Drops

If you have ever ridden a bike or motorcycle, you’ve probably worn a helmet to protect your head in the event that you fall off of the bike and crash into the pavement.… Read More

Do you have an iPhone? If you’re like many other iPhone owners, you’ve probably had to deal with the frustration of a broken iPhone charger. These chargers, which come free with every new device, tend to break fairly easily. How can you tell when your charger is no longer working? You may start to notice that your phone isn’t actually charging when you plug it in, or you may see that the plastic casing around the wires is beginning to come apart, leaving the wires exposed. Or, the charger may still charge your phone, but only if you hold it in a certain position.… Read More

Top Summer Cell Phone Cases

Summer is right around the corner, which means you may be beginning to plan a fun summer road trip with friends or family members. Regardless of where you plan on going, there are a few cell phone accessories that will make the journey there much easier. Before you hit the road, make sure that you shop for these cell phone accessories for your summer road trip:


If you’re taking a long road trip, chances are your phone’s battery may start to run low. But, the last thing that you want is to be stranded in an unfamiliar area without a cell phone to call for help, so it’s important that you keep your phone fully charged at all times.… Read More

There are many different accessories available for your smartphone and tablet that you may not know about, including the stand. A stand will hold your device at an angle so you can clearly see its screen without having to hold it in place with your hands. How can you use one of these accessories? Here are five of the ways:

Watch Exercise Videos

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