Two of the most talked about smartphones of 2017 are without a doubt the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Tech lovers have patiently waited for these phones to hit the market, and now both smartphones are available to consumers, it’s time to take a closer look at the design, specs, price and accessories of each phone to see how they stack up against each other.


How do the designs of these two smartphones compare to each other? Let’s start with the LG G6, which is available in black, white, or platinum. The LG G6 has a sleek design that looks much more modern than the previous model released by this manufacturer.… Read More

Millions of people own iPhones, but everyone’s device doesn’t have to look and sound the same. If you want to customize your iPhone to make it stand out, follow these simple steps:

Choose a stylish case

The easiest way to customize your phone is with a decorative cell phone case that has a fun design. There are thousands of different cell phone cases available for every smartphone model, so it may be difficult to choose the one you want to put on your phone. Most cell phone cases are inexpensive, so you may want to buy more than one so you can switch back and forth and create different looks with your phone.… Read More

Black and white are two of the most classic colors, and when they are used together, anything is impossible. If you love the combination of white and black, you may want to look at these black and white cell phone cases that are both stylish and durable:

Black Giraffe TPU Design Soft Rubber Case

This Black Giraffe Design case features a black and white animal print design that will appeal to those with a funky sense of style. Unlike other animal prints, this giraffe design is not too over the top. In fact, some people may not even be able to tell that it’s an animal print design.… Read More

If you’ve cracked your screen or dropped your phone into a puddle of water, the first thought that crosses your mind may be, “How am I going to fix this?” It’s  hard to live without a cell phone if you are used to having it glued to the palm of your hand, but many people cause further damage or delay getting their phones fixed because they believe certain myths about smartphone repairs. Don’t make this mistake! Learn the truth behind these common smartphone repair myths:

Uncooked rice can prevent water damage

You’ve probably heard that if you accidentally get your smartphone wet, you can prevent water damage by quickly dropping your phone into a bowl of uncooked rice.… Read More