Every time a major brand announces the release of a new smartphone, people everywhere begin to hope that it will finally come with massive improvements to the battery life. However, the battery life usually does not drastically improve from one model to the next. As a result, smartphone owners have started to turn to power banks and battery cases to keep their phones charged while on the go.

What’s the difference? A battery case fits over your smartphone just like a normal phone case would—with one exception. Instead of just protecting your phone from damage, it’s also feeding it power and keeping it charged so you don’t have to worry about your battery running low.… Read More

Are you headed to the gym? Don’t forget to grab your athletic shoes, a bottle of water, and of course, the cell phone accessories that will enhance your workout. There are dozens of cell phone accessories that can make it easier and more fun to exercise, so why not incorporate them into your trip to the gym? Here is a list of some customer favorites:


Nothing beats music when it comes to getting the motivation you need to power through a tough workout. But, if you’re still using traditional headphones, you may find that it’s difficult to work out when you keep getting tangled up in cords.… Read More

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you need to start planning how you can show that special someone in your life that you care. Instead of buying chocolates or flowers like you do for every other Valentine’s Day, why not go for a more unique gift that your loved one will actually get a lot of use out of? Here are some of the best cell phone accessory gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Travel Organizer

Women are notorious for losing small items and having to dig through their purses to find them. If this sounds familiar, buy your special someone this Black Travel Organizer Handbag.… Read More

Hype about the latest smartphones, cell phones and other gadgets to hit the market in 2017 is already high. But as we look forward to the future of cell phones and smartphones, it can also be interested in look backward and think about how today’s technology developed. What had to happen in the past to make modern cell phones and smartphones possible? We take a brief look at the history of these devices.


Companies and governments developed several precursors to the cell phone between 1908 and 1973. Wireless phones that relied on radio signals (similar to walkie-talkies) were used by the Germans in both World War I and World War II.… Read More