Depending on who your favorite smartphone manufacturer is, 2016 was either a great year or a terrible year for new cell phones. There was the disastrous premier of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which had to be recalled because the battery was catching on fire. Then there was the seamless release of the Apple iPhone 7, which has some cool new features (our favorite is the ability to draw personalized text messages for people), and the updates to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which continues to sell extremely well.

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We’ve all seen rugged cell phone cases: the big, bulky plastic case covers meant to add multiple layers of protection to smartphones. Are you in the process of determining whether a rugged cell phone case is right for you? We share some pros and cons about these popular and sturdy cell phone accessories. When discussing potential negatives of rugged cell phone cases, we also suggest ways to overcome any downsides.

Pro: Rugged cell phone cases do a great job of protecting your smartphone

The job of a rugged cell phone case is to protect your smartphone if it’s dropped, bumped, thrown, smashed or otherwise treated roughly.… Read More