Every time cell phone manufacturers come out with a new version of your favorite smartphone, it’s a slightly different size. That means you have to purchase a new cell phone case whenever you buy a new phone. What’s a person to do with all of those old, unwanted cell phone cases? They’re hard to recycle, and it’s a shame to just put them in the trash.

We found eight creative ways to upcycle cell phone cases and use them for different purposes. Have you put any of your old cell phone cases to use in a similarly interesting way? We’d love to hear about it.… Read More

We’re willing to bet your new Samsung Galaxy S7 is inspiring two emotions.

You’re very excited about the device’s power, speed, screen display, stylish appearance and cool new features. Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have been overwhelmingly positive, which is why we’re confident you’re loving your device as well.

At the same time, we’re willing to bet you’re terrified you’re going to break or otherwise damage your Samsung Galaxy S7. These new smartphones don’t come cheap. If something happens to it, it will be very expensive to replace. Your fear may be particularly strong if you spend a lot of time around substances that can damage or destroy your phone, such as water or dust.… Read More

Can a cracked cell phone have a case?

It’s the scenario all smartphone users dread: You pull your cell phone out of your pocket or purse and it slips through your fingers. It lands face down on the sidewalk or street with a sickening crunch. When you pick it up, the screen is cracked.

What’s a cell phone user to do? Assuming a new cell phone isn’t in your budget, you’ll have to learn to live with that cracked screen for at least a little while. We answer some common asked questions about using a cell phone with a cracked screen, including whether you can put a cell phone case on it.… Read More

Best Cell Phone Cases for 20 Top Industries

Some people buy cell phone cases based on their personal interests, values or needs. Other folks buy cell phone cases based on their industry or specific job.

Are you a contractor wondering what type of cell phone case makes the most sense for you? How about a lawyer or accountant who needs a new cell phone case? We list the most popular cell phone types available on our site, then explain why we think they’re perfect for people in a variety of industries.

Rugged cell phone cases

Most rugged cell phone cases come with three or four layers of protection. The soft layers cushion your phone against falls and can add some decorative elements, while the hard plastic layers protect your phone if something hits it or it endures another type of shock.… Read More