Top 5 iPad Cases to Protect Your Investment

An Apple iPad is an indispensable tool for business and home. You might use it to review a budget with your boss, show an elected official a video on an important constituent issue, or entertain your kids on a long road trip. Whatever you do with it, we’re pretty sure you’re quickly finding that you can’t live without it.

Even with Gorilla Glass and a metal body, your iPad can still sustain damage if it’s dropped, bumped or otherwise roughed up. If that happens, your substantial investment in your iPad will be gone. You will also be without an important tool that makes your life easier and more enjoyable.… Read More

6 Superior Features of Samsung “Edge” Phones

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been extremely well-received by users. The New York Times said, “Samsung is moving in a beautiful and powerful new direction, and has indeed created something that looks and feels new and different.” Mashable raved, “The Galaxy S6 smartphone is arguably the most advanced smartphone ever made.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also extremely popular among Android users. So far this year, Samsung has sold more Galaxy Note 5 models than its latest version of the Galaxy S6.

How can you make the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note even better? By purchasing the Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Note Edge, the more advanced models within their respective lines.… Read More

6 Cool Ideas for DIY Cell Phone Cases

Call them DIY, do it yourself, craft or creative projects. Whatever name you use, DIY is hot these days. People are rediscovering the joy of making and decorating things themselves. It’s a more productive way to pass the time than watching TV (or a good way to feel productive while you’re watching TV). There’s also a certain pride that comes from pointing to something and saying, “I made that.”

If a DIY cell phone case is on your to-do list, there are many fun options out there. Generally, homemade cell phone cases fall into two categories. There are universal cases, which are pouches that do not mold to the shape of your cell phone or smartphone.… Read More

Luxurious businessman tools on a wooden table2015 was a big year for cell phones. The iPhone 6S changed pictures. The Galaxy S6 Edge changed cell phone design. Several small brands such as Alcatel, BLU and Huawei made us rethink whether we really needed to spend massive amounts of money on a big name brand cell phone.

The previous year also brought plenty of innovations in cell phone accessories. We predict that those accessories will continue to get better, cheaper and more widely available in 2016. Here are five hot new cell phone accessories that will really take off in 2016.

Virtual reality headsets

Without a doubt, the hottest new cell phone accessory right now is virtual reality headsets.… Read More