How to repair a broken cell phoneIt’s a heartbreaking moment: watching your cell phone fall, then hearing the crunch of your screen as it breaks. When you pick up your phone and see the spider web of broken glass, it’s likely you’re no longer seeing the home screen picture of your cat or significant other. You’re probably seeing dollar signs spinning in front of your eyes as you think about the cost of a replacement phone.

But fear not! It’s possible to replace a cracked smartphone screen yourself. In fact, it’s possible to repair many broken pieces of your cell phone yourself. All you need are a few specialized tools, some replacement parts and a little confidence in your ability to act as a handyman or handywoman.… Read More

Can a cell phone case cause my phone to overheat?

Any electronic device can overheat, including smartphones and other cell phones. These devices utilize battery packs and electrical chargers, and there’s always a risk that all that energy can heat up your phone to the point where it’s too hot to touch.

There are many things that can cause your phone to overheat. It’s possible – but unlikely – that the cell phone case is the problem. And even if it is, there’s a quick fix: just remove the case until the phone cools off, then slip it back on.

So what else can cause your phone to overheat, and what should you do about it?… Read More

Apple Watch Accessories

The Apple Watch is the hottest new accessory to hit the marketplace in a long time. If you’re a lover of gadgets, a fan of Apple products, or were always jealous of James Bond’s fancy watches, we’re willing to bet you snapped one up right away.

Even before the Apple Watch premiered, companies started offering cases, screen protectors, watch bands and other accessories for them. We took a look at all the accessories out there and selected the top five must-have add-ons for the Apple Watch. You’ll find great prices on several of them at We also provide links to outside pages where you can find great Apple Watch accessories we don’t sell.… Read More

How to find a quality cell phone case

The search for a cell phone case can be long, confusing and overwhelming. There are so many choices out there! How do you know you’ve gotten the right one for you?

One of the most important things to look for in a cell phone case is quality. Cell phone cases can be expensive, so you want to purchase something that will last as long as you have your device.

How do you know that the cell phone case you’re getting is high quality? We have several tips. They range from understanding what properties you want in a cell phone case to learning how to spot fakes.… Read More

How cell phone cases are made

Your cell phone case is something you see and hold in your hand every day. Do you ever think about how that case gets made?

Several of our customers at have asked us that question, so we did some research to come up with a good answer. No matter what type of case you have, it’s likely it was manufactured in Asia or somewhere else overseas. After that, there’s some real variety in the process.

How your case gets made depends on what type of case you have. We break down the different materials cases are made of and share some information about how each is manufactured.… Read More