Why are cell phone cases so expensive?

When you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars on the newest iPhone or the latest-generation Galaxy smartphone, it can be frustrating to be asked to fork over a bunch of money for a case. That often leads people to ask the question, “Why are cell phone cases so expensive, anyway? It’s just a piece of plastic!”

We have several thoughts about that. First of all, a case does not have to be over-the-top expensive. Depending on your needs, a case can be reasonably affordable. It’s worth thinking about what qualities you want in a case before you buy one.

There is a certain amount of engineering that goes into making a case that will protect your cell phone from breaking when it is dropped.… Read More

Will My Old Samsung Galaxy Case Fit the New Samsung Galaxy S6?

Will My Old Samsung Galaxy Case Fit the New Samsung Galaxy S6?

Have you already snapped up the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, Samsung’s latest entries into the smartphone market? These “phablet” have been getting great reviews so far, and we hope you are enjoying all the great features of your sleek, powerful new phone.

If you owned the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S5 previously, you may be wondering: Will my old Samsung Galaxy case fit on my new phone? No one would blame you for not wanting to invest in a brand-new cell phone case, especially if you really like your current one.… Read More

Why you really need a cell phone case

iPhones now come with a mostly aluminum body. The Galaxy S5 has super-strong Gorilla Glass on the touchscreen. As cell phones get more durable, many people wonder: Do I really need to buy a cell phone case?

We believe the answer is yes. A modern smartphone is a big investment, and it is worth doing everything you can to keep it safe. Cell phone cases can protect your cell phone from everyday issues like falls, but the right case can also go the extra mile and protect your device from water, dust and more.

Cell phone cases can also do a lot more than just protect your phone.… Read More

Smartphone leather case cover

There are thousands of cell phone cases on the market. The choices can be dizzying. How do you choose a cell phone case that is the right color, style and material? Beyond protection for your phone, what qualities should you look for in a cell phone case? And how do you know that you are getting a good deal on the cell phone case you end up selecting?

CellPhoneCases.com is a leading provider of cell phone cases and accessories. We’ve learned a few things from our years of experience in the industry. We share several tips for choosing a cell phone case that will serve you well the whole time you have your phone.… Read More