When you make a substantial investment, such as the latest and greatest cell phone, you also should understand the importance of protecting your investment. You may be wondering how to go about choosing the right cell phone case for your particular lifestyle; so, rest assured, you have come to the right place! We will go over the types of rugged cell phone covers and why they might be a good choice for you. We understand the investment you have made and we want you to make a good choice in protecting it, as well.

Rugged Durability

It may seem that the word ‘rugged’ is thrown around a lot these days.

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Take a minute to remember your very first cell phone. What were some of the features on it? T9 texting? Ability to send SMS or picture messages? Did it have a camera? It’s easy to forget about these older features now that you are the owner of an iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy because these phones are so intuitive, smart, and capable. Predictive texting took much longer and more thought, but now you have a small touchscreen with a keyboard on it. You can probably shoot off lengthy texts within a few seconds.

Smartphone technology grows every day and no one really knows what a smartphone will be capable of in a few, short years.

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The iPhone 6 is possibly the most anticipated tech device of the year. Oh yes, the infamous new iPhone is surrounded by quite a bit of excitement and quite a bit more speculation. You probably have your own ideas and suspicions concerning Apple’s latest addition to the smartphone family. We have done some research and we are excited to share the suspicions that we have concerning the bundle of joy that is rumored to arrive this year. Now, keep in mind, just like all the other hush-hush deliveries of the 21st century, such as Prince William and Princess Kate’s baby boy and Kanye West’s baby, you never really and truly know all of the details about the newest arrival until the proud parents are ready to share the details.

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The One M8 is HTC’s powerful new Android flagship smartphone for 2014. Compared to the HTC One M7 from 2013, the new One M8 boasts a more premium design, a larger five-inch screen, and fully upgraded internal hardware. With its cutting-edge tech specs and feature-rich software, the One M8 is one of the top smartphones in the 2014 Android marketplace.

Premium Design

Perhaps the most striking feature of the HTC One M8 is its aluminum unibody construction, which rivals the lauded build quality of Apple’s aluminum iPhone 5s. Unlike the One M7, which utilized polycarbonate side-body inserts, the One M8 features a wraparound aluminum shell which makes the phone’s exterior 90-percent metal.

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The Upgraded Look

The Samsung Galaxy S4 had a sleek design that many owners loved, and the manufacturers didn’t want to change too much of the already-good thing. The S5 looks similar to the S4, but it’s a bit longer and a tiny bit thicker. It has a 5.1” HD display and includes vibrant colors and clear images. Screen lighting features automatic adjust if you are in the sun or under harsh lighting. When you go to bed, simply dim the light to optimize visuals in the dark.

The shape stayed the same, as did the keys. It is still plastic, but the back of the phone has small dimples, which give users a better grip.
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